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covAs Mom Fades Away

Dementia is an insidious disease. It starts with seemingly innocent lapses in memory. Then, over time, it methodically robs its victims of their most valuable possessions, namely their cherished memories and relationships with family and friends.

The disease also inflicts its misery and suffering on those who take on the role of caring for those afflicted. The role of the caregiver is complex, and requires a broad skill set to effectively manage the seemingly endless barrage of diverse issues that arise. As the disease takes its toll, a caregiver deals with a constant and unrelenting sense of loss that can span years.

In the middle of that emotional struggle, the caregiver also needs the ability to do the seemingly impossible, putting those emotions aside to effectively deal with cold hard issues like legal matters, finances and insurance.

As Mom Fades Away is the story of how ordinary people faced the challenges of the disease. Imbedded are my personal comments on societal values related to the treatment of our aging population. A must read for anyone involved in the battle with this insidious monster called dementia.